Evernote Certified Consultant

Evernote is a fast and simple tool to use and our expert consultancy will ensure you get the most from it quickly and efficiently. It will help to turn your work and personal life into organised places. It works across all platforms so syncing issues are a thing of the past. Sharing information is easy and each department will be able to have their own Notebooks and Notes whilst having the ability of sharing them as necessary. There is a permissions structure that allows you to share items for viewing, viewing and editing or viewing, editing and invite others.

You can capture everything you need to remember and share in your business. For example product guides, how to guides and the ability to save useful web pages using the web clipper. You can add attachments (drag and drop) to a note plus edit and save them again. You can email to Evernote Business as well which is perfect when sending proposals to clients, simply BCC your Evernote email address and then file into a specific notebook, add a reminder to follow up. The relevant team then has access to this rather than it being stored on an individuals PC. When a member of staff leaves it is also very easy to unshare any information. Just because it’s cloud is doesn’t make it great! However, Evernote takes security and privacy very seriously. Your data is private for your company only and no one else including Evernote themselves have access to your Notes and Notebooks. For peace of mind please feel free to read the Evernote privacy policy here.

Bespoke Evernote training includes

  • Getting started – device setup
  • How to navigate your way around
  • Terminology – Notebooks and Notes
  • How to share data with colleagues and providers
  • Note inputs – handwriting, audio, images and links
  • Getting the most from the Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts
  • Business and Personal Notebooks explained
  • Creating – Notebooks, Notes, Stacks, Tags and templates
  • Working with attachments and annotation
  • Integrating with Dropbox
  • Travelling with Evernote
  • Advanced section (even for power users!)
  • Training guides

“Hi Andy, thank you for the Evernote training, it was excellent, informative and fun – the best way!”