Network training for your IT department

With technology moving at a fast pace it is evermore important to keep up to date and deploy best practice in networking. Andy currently consults for IT departments and companies nationwide on the following subjects.

  • Deploying VoIP
  • Internet failover using multiple WAN
  • Load balancing
  • Traffic separation using VLANs
  • Traffic prioritisation (SIP for example)

Before fibre internet was readily available we used to suggest having a dedicated ADSL line for crucial services, for example Voice and Data. This would allow enough bandwidth to be supplied and ensure the quality of voice calls were not affected when large downloads were taking place on the Data side. This would also generally have meant running 2 separate networks. With fibre internet now available widespread there is usually plenty of bandwidth to go around allowing for a single internet connection to provide simultaneous services. The importance here is keeping the traffic segregated and giving a priority based routing, much the same as we would do with dedicated leased lines.

Of course for mission critical services we would recommend a backup/failover connection is available. This allows us to tailor the system to your requirements be it for load balancing or failover.

The consultation includes connecting businesses with the very best providers and the which equipment to use for a given scenario. It’s not all about spending lots of money. We are in business too and whilst we ensure everything we recommend is suitable for its purpose it has to be cost effective as part of the solution.