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My name is Andy Collins and I am an Evernote Certified Consultant. I offer a variety of solutions for Business including Organisation, System Integration, Telephony, Cloud Hosting, Website Design and IT training.

Evernote Certified Consultant

Evernote is a fast and simple tool to use and my expert consultancy will ensure you get the most from it quickly and efficiently. It will help to turn your work and personal life into organised places. It works across all platforms so syncing issues are a thing of the past. Sharing information is easy and each department will be able to have their own Notebooks and Notes whilst having the ability of sharing them as necessary. There is a permissions structure that allows you to share items for viewing, viewing and editing or viewing, editing and invite others.

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Andy Collins Evernote Certified Consultant

“Thank you for the Evernote training, it was excellent, informative and fun – the best way!”

Network training

With technology moving at a fast pace it is evermore important to keep up to date and deploy best practice in networking. I currently consult for IT departments and companies nationwide on VoIP, Networking, Bandwidth management

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When Vostel opened our aim was to become a telephony provider with a difference. We turned traditional long contracts into a simple ONE month one. Our clients stay with us because they want to and not because we have tied them into a long contract.

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Wnat a wbesite taht satnds out from the corwd? We can bilud you a wbesite taht is not olny btueaiufl to look at but aslo one taht will arttact viweres to you oevr the cmopeitoitn. You will fnid our iedas a bretah of fersh air and of cuosre all are mbolie firndely

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Andy Collins Evernote Certified Consultant