Getting and staying organised

Expert Training

I am an professional trainer and organiser and have many years of experience working with businesses to increase productivity.

I have seen many scenarios where work is duplicated and workflows are reliant on a member of staff having to remember to do something. In my experience this nearly always ends up with an error or a problem.

With so many Apps to choose from it can be overwhelming to make the right decision. The Apps and tools I recommend are after careful consideration once the needs of the client has been understood.

Easy to use

The product has to be easy to use and prove why it is better over an existing system. This way staff members will be more likely to adopt it.

Pen and Paper

There is nothing wrong with pen and paper. I will often use a notebook when in a meeting. There is something to be said about taking the time to write.

Correct fit

Is the product really right both functionality and cost wise? Just because "we have always done it like that" does it make it right?

A selection of Apps we work with

What people are saying...

“ An awesome concept with a service second to none. Andy and his entire team are dedicated to providing us with our needs, and nothing is ever too much trouble. ”

Matt Little

Essex Motor Factors

“ Just a quick line to thank you for your productivity consultancy. We would have never been able to rollout without you. Your knowledge and experience integrating systems is first class. You even made learning fun! ”

Stuart Daburn

Tripack Supplies

“ I was so nervous about moving my web site, but really wanted to, I met with Andy and instantly I felt in safe hands. The design has improved many things, and I have had great feedback from fans. At last the modern World for me and my website.”

Chris Difford


“ This guy knows what he is doing! We now have perfect call quality since Andy installed his recommended router and reserved bandwidth for Voip calls. ”

Glenn Moore

Planning Consultant